Salem Presbyterian Church
Thursday, December 01, 2022
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List of Pastors

Early missionaries to the Hoosier Territory included Samuel Shannon, a chaplain in the Indian wars, who later brought to Salem the fiery James McGready, noted figure of the Great Revival of 1800 in Kentucky. The Presbyterian Church at Salem was organized on August 16, 1817 by Rev. Samuel Shannon.
Rev. W. W. Martin
Rev. Benjamin C. Cressey  d. 1834--buried in Crown Hill Cemetery
Rev. Solomon Kitridge
Rev. S. Salesbury
Rev. Joseph G. Wilson
Rev. Calvin N. Ransom
Rev. Alexander McFerson     d. June 28, 1845--Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery
Rev. B. Cole
Rev. N. L. Steele
Rev. Charles Marshall
Rev. S. M. Warren
Rev. Benjamin Franklin
Rev. W. H. Rogers
Rev. E. Black
Rev. T. A. Stelle
Rev. Irving I. St. John      d. March 19, 1817 or 1818---Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery
Rev. James McCrea
Rev. Theodore W. McCoy
Rev. George W. Telle
Rev. John Montgomery
Rev. James McDonald
Rev. H.B. Sutherland
Rev. Geo. O. Dickey
Rev. E.S. Miller          d. 1905—buried at Hopewell, near Greenwood, Indiana
Rev. A. B. Wilson
Rev. Forest C. Taylor
Rev. M. E. Prather: October 31, 1923 to January 5, 1925
Rev. A.E. Ewers: September 1, 1925 to October 1927
Rev. C. M. Jenkins: February 26, 1928 to March 7, 1930
Rev. Millard Murphy:  January 25, 1931 to 1933
Rev. L. V. Rule, SS* and his brother Rev C. W. Rule, to assist, March, 1934
Rev. H. C. Foster: SS*
Rev. William Stephenson:  SS*, April 1941 to May 1945
Rev. Thomas Myers: SS*, June 1945, July 3, 1946 to April 30, 1947
Rev. Ernest L. Stroffel: SS*, July 11, 1948 to May, 1949
Rev. Paul Romantum: SS*, September 11, 1949 to August 1952
Rev. James Hogue:  February, 1953 to October 15, 1959
Rev. Floyd Doud Shafer: July 10, 1960 to June 16, 1968
Rev. John Duncan: July 13, 1969 to June 15, 1972
Rev. J. Pat Kennedy: May 13, 1973 to December 3, 1977
Rev. Sue Ann Looft: March 18, 1979 to May 9, 1983
Rev. D. Jo Lowell: June 29, 1984 to January 18, 1988
Rev. Gary R. Pickering: February 15, 1989
Rev. William Peterson
Rev. Sara J. Shields
Rev. Beth Walden-Fisher: August 2011 to May 2018
Rev. Stephen Fisher: September 2018 to present
Legend:  SS* - Stated Supply
1816-1918:  information from an article in the Salem newspaper, found in the Salem Presbyterian Church files.
1923-on:  report filed with the Stated Clerk of Presbytery in 1991.